RODO w firmie Impowoods-Polityka prywatności / RODO within the Impowoods company – Privacy policy

Q:How much does shipping cost?

A:We are happy to ship your stuff within Poland for a fee of 15pln. Grip is included with every board.

Q:How much does International shipping cost?

A: For International shipping options, please consider a price of 20 EUROS. Prices may vary slightly depending on your location within Europe (Central Europe, Scandinavia, Russia etc.). To enquire about your particular country, please email us at info@impowoods.com and provide your Name /Country / City to which you wish to have your Products sent to.You can also click here to go to our  Contact form.

Q:What is a Fun Board?

A: Our Fun Board Division is an experimental project in Street Design.These skateboards are super fun to ride, handle City streets and rough concrete, are a bit wider (up to 8.7  / 22cm plus) and longer (32 inches /81cm plus) than your standard Street skateboard.It is possible to use standard size skate trucks with them (180-195cm).Click here to go to Fun Boards.

Q:What size wheels do I need?

A: For our Fun Boards we would recommend a bigger set of wheels for higher speeds, more cruise power and better grip. Recommended wheel size: 60mm – 72mm. Remember this rule: soft wheels grip better, hard wheels slide easier.

For Street decks wheel size is very much up to your style of skating. Go small 50mm-53mm for technical skating, go big 54mm – 58mm for big Parks, Vert, Mini ramps, Pools and hard concrete, where you need more speed to get to the top.

Q:How do I know which Trucks to buy?

A:For smaller boards between 7.5 – 8.0 inches of width, you can use slightly narrower trucks such as 129’s, 139’s (around 180mm-190mm).

For bigger and wider boards between 8.0 – 8.5 inches of width, you can opt for truck sizes of 149,159 plus, in some cases also known as 190mm,195mm,200mm plus.You could really go with either here.

If you want more grinding surface and don’t mind your trucks sticking out a tad, go with 149’s.

If you prefer your trucks to not stick out wider than the deck get the 139’s.

Q:Is my skateboard under Warranty?

A: All IMPO skateboards are warranted against delamination and / or manufacturing defects.

IMPO decks are guaranteed against manufacturer defects. This Warranty includes any problems related to the construction of your deck such as delamination. Intentional or unintentional breakage, nose/tail damage from impact, rail damage, scratches, minor chips, snaps due to jumping off stuff, impact damage, boards that have been run over by a car and defects due to misuse of product are not covered under Warranty.