It is a boardriding process and a way of thinking and acting. We make vehicles of mobility for street , vert, transitions and sidewalk cruising. Our collaboration between Skater – Graphic Designer – Shaper results in strong decks that perform well, look good and ride smooth..


Dreaming it, drawing it, creating it, testing it – our passion is in the process and we strive daily to make the best boards that there are utilising tough 7-ply Canadian Maple wood that was born in the woods. IMPOWOODS stands for that place we all go to away from TV, computers and concrete to feel good, re-connect with Nature and charge up the batteries. At IMPO, we are all skaters and we understand that there is no progress without struggle. But we keep moving on, doing what we love, loving what we do.


The idea for IMPO began whilst solo-travelling through the backwoods of British Columbia.It morphed into something positive and then then took form in Europe in November 2012.All of it thanks to a Master Mind Alliance between our Shaper Mikolaj, our Skater friends and our Graphic Kuba.I am very proud to bring you a diverse range of Skateboards amongst our stock and will work hard every day to ensure you have the best rock-hard,cold-pressed 7-ply Canadian Maple wood under your feet.
IMPO- born in the woods, made to ride !

Marcin Orłowski, Director & Tester.