IMPO is a short abbreviation of the old-school skateboarding trick – ‘Impossible’.
Our Mission: using only the best quality cold, hard-pressed 7-ply Canadian Maple wood, our passion is in the process.Dreaming it, drawing it, creating it, testing it, making the best boards for your riding needs is our underlying motive.We love boarding just as much as you do and it means everything to us. Our skateboard range features Freestyle decks and Cruisers and our Surfboard range is growing. We also offer ‘SURF DOCTOR’ repair services to your broken or mistreated surfboards. Our Shapers Marcin and Mikołaj will hand-shape your Skateboard or Surfboard and that is the core of our passion. We invite you to test and join our stoke.
IMPO-born in the woods,made to ride.

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